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Fall Mini Session | Evans Family

Ya'll, sometimes blue eyed blonde little girls jump out of the car and say, "HERE I AM--TAKE MY PICTURE." If that's not a photographer's dream, I don't know what is! As I'm starting into this new little business of mine, I'm quickly finding out that the best part of my job is meeting my clients and, in the short time we have together, getting to know them and learn what makes them laugh and makes them feel comfortable! Also--what makes them uncomfortable for that matter, ha! There's something so raw about being in front of a camera--sometimes its easy and sometimes it's hard; either way I'm so thankful to be a part of making memories for these sweet families! Thankful for the Evans trusting me with your little family! They were so sweet and tromped around like champs through the tall grass! Thankfully the clouds parted and the sun made a grand appearance for our shoot last night! Ya'll were so fun! Click HERE to see the rest of the gallery!

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