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Jazmine + Matti // Married

I wish I actually could put words together to describe this day with these two and their precious friends and family! I'm going to do my best! We met Matti + Jazmine over a year ago at a young adults event for our Church. We immediately LOVED them and wanted to become friends--like right then. Their joy for the Lord and their joy for each other, everyone around them, and just LIFE in general is absolutely contagious (as you can see in these photos!) We ended up getting to know them better and better and they asked us to shoot their wedding here in KC. We were like YESSSS we are SO there! We began the planning process, and they walked up to us one day at Church and said-- SO change of plans, we are getting married in Mexico.. WANNA COME!? UMMMM YES WE DO! We felt so honored that we got to be a part of their day and a part of them making one of the best decisions they will ever make! This day was absolutely gorgeous and maybe the most windy day we've ever experienced, ever! I remember at one point in the ceremony literally holding on to a tree while I was taking pictures because I thought I was going to blow off the little island! We love these two so much and wouldn't have traded this day for anything! I hope these pictures bring as much joy to you all as it has to us!

xoxo- Kels + Alex

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