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Alexa + Johnny // Married

We met Alexa & Johnny at one of our favorite coffee shops last year and we knew right away that we clicked with them. They had just moved to KC and they were starting to figure out the lay of the land-- what KC has to offer, etc! Nothing like trying to find vendors while moving to a new town!!

We were so thankful that they chose us for their special day. We are always so honored! They are such sweet people and their day was absolutely beautiful -- as you can see!

So a BIG question I get asked all the time from potential clients is if they can see a COMPLETE wedding gallery. They want to see all the details and see what they will get in their package for their day. This is such a great question and I wanted to finally get a blog post up of a little more detail in a day than I usually blog about so that you are able to see all that is captured for you! I obviously won't post every picture from their day, BUT I will try to post parts of all of it!

Thank you again Alexa + Johnny for choosing us to capture your day!


First we will come in about an 1 + hours before you put your dress on-- this way we can capture the finishing touches of your bridesmaids/MOB getting ready as well!

Of course we want to get all the details of the bride's hair + MU!

And get all those fun hairspray shots!

We can't forget your bridesmaids!!

Just wondering if all of these bridesmaids are models? YES? I BET SO. My goodness!

like fo' real?

Can't forget the mother of the groom too!!

This is one of my favorite parts of the day. The letters.

The details.

Time to put your dress on! A lot of times there is something special in the dress or with the dress and we always make sure to capture those special things!

So it's so fun to see the girls getting ready, BUT what about the guys?! That's where my cute second shooter (aka my hubby) comes in! He hangs with the guys all morning while I hang with the girls! It makes it SO nice having two shooters because there's no need to run back and forth OR miss something special because they could be getting ready at two different locations!

While the girls finish up getting ready-- Alex heads out to get all the groomsmen photos done!

you gotta throw some fun ones in there, ya know for the book.

Then, back inside it's time for the big reveal for the bridesmaids and FOB!

This is another reason why you should have two photogs! Getting the bride's reaction as well as her friends!

Dad soaking up some nice weather, waiting for his turn--

So so sweet. It gets me EVERY time.

Time to head outside for the bridesmaids photos!

We will get posed shots, as well as fun ones! We will also get pictures with all of the bridesmaids individually!

Annnnnd of course a few portraits of the gorgeous bride.

We like to give couples at least a 30 minute break between their pictures and the ceremony. We do this because we think its so important that they are able to relax and get some water + a snack! Just to be able to take it all in before walking down the isle. While they are relaxing, we will usually grab some detail photos of your reception spot and also some last minute pictures in the bridal suite!

Next, it's time for the ceremony!!

One of the most important parts of a wedding day are the little moments. Capturing your parents is one of our top priorities.

Here comes the bridal party! Comin' in lookin' sharp!

Does it get any cuter? I actually think not...

STOP THE SCROLL. This is another reason why you should have TWO photogs! This bride and groom didn't do a first look so it was really important that they BOTH were photographed as they were walking down the isle!

Right after the ceremony-- we love to do portraits. The reason we like to do these first is because it gives the bride and groom the opportunity to be together--just the two of them. (+ us! ;) ) They get to soak in all that just happened and celebrate being married!

After that we gotta go get those friends of yours so they can celebrate too!!

Your friends are great but, ya know, sometimes you gotta wait for them to figure out what they're doing-- but that's all a part of the fun! ;)

There MIGHT be some booty slapping.

But mostly smiles because the all LOVE you so much!

You also can't forget the cutest members of the bridal party!

After bridal party--we will move onto family!

Annnnnd get this cutie again!


We will grab some pictures of your fave people all sitting around their tables!

Then it's time for some toasts!

There will be laughs.

& sweet hugs.

We can't forget the people who raised you!


then you eat some cake and throw ya hands in the air.

Then you find out who's getting hitched next ;)

& you do a little booty bump to celebrate!

Dad tells some funny stories--

And you dance the night away!!

Hopefully this gives a little insight to what goes on during a wedding day from our perspective! Please let us know if you have more questions!

Also, THANK YOU to Alexa + Johnny for letting us be a part of their special day!

xoxo- kels + alex

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