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When you get pregnant, some of the first things you start to think about are what you will need for that sweet little sugar you will be bringing home in the next few months! If you're like me, you know you don't need a million gadgets, but you DO want the best things for your baby. I totally get that, hands down. I had THE best of friends send me lists of things that they used and loved. I went through their lists and then narrowed it down to what I thought we might need. Also, once your babe gets here, there might be things you realized you didn't need or realize that you DO need-- don't sweat it! Return things, get the things you need! I wanted to put together a post of the things that we have used and loved in the first 7 weeks of our little babes sweet life! I have linked everything below! Just click on the underlined products!

Ubbie Wipes Dispenser

I love that you can refill this over and over, so you can use whatever brand of wipes you want!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

This stuff is AMAZING. Our little buddy got a diaper rash and within a day of putting this on, it was completely better!

Changing Pad

We love how this contours up and its water proof!

Changing Pad Covers

I would definitely have multiple changing pad covers-- they take the brunt!

Waterproof Dirty Diaper Bags

These are awesome to have in your diaper bag when you are doing a diaper change on the go & don't have a trash can handy!

Sherpa Baby Blanket

This blanket is SO soft, affordable, and the perfect size for your babe! It's also perfect for the carseat as well!

Cloth Diaper Inserts

OKAY PEOPLE. I had so many people tell me to use these as burp cloths. They are THE best. Truly, I don't use anything else. You can throw them in the wash over and over again and they hold up great!

Soothie Pacifiers

Some babes don't take paci's and that's okay but these are the ones they use in the hospital and I like that they resemble the nipple! This is important if you are breast feeding! If you are worried about using the paci--here's a great blog from Taking Cara Babies that helps explain it!

Halo Sleep Sack

This sleep sack has worked wonders! It's so important for good sleep to have your babes swaddles up tight!

Milestone Blanket

Alex bought this as a surprise so that we could take pictures of D as he grows! It's SO cute. I love the neutral colors and the mountain theme. It's lightweight and can also be used as a blanket if you wanted!

Honest Lavender Bubble Bath

We love the soft scent of this bubble bath and it is great for our baby's skin. It's so important to put good things onto their sweet little skin.

Rohm Sleep Noise Machine

We use this in his crib during the day with all of his naps. He sleeps in our room at night still and we use the Hatch Baby Rest at night, so it's nice to be able to use this during the day!

Hatch Baby Rest

Okay friends, if you are going to splurge on something. THIS. IS. IT. We got this sound machine and it is so SO great. You control the volume/light/noises from your phone so you never have to disrupt their room if you don't want to. It also has 12 different sounds to choose from as well. We play white noise at night and birds in the morning. We LOVE it.

Ingenuity Bassinet

D sleeps in our room at night still and we have LOVED this bassinet. I wanted to find something that had mesh on the sides so if he rolled by chance he would be able to breathe on the sides! It's also soft on the top so leaning over it is super comfy. It can also be stationary OR rock. We love it! The color we have is "Wood-Wallace"

Gerber Onesies

Dawson wears these ALL the time. It's so nice to have a bunch of little onesies! They will go through a lot of onesies in a day so it's nice to have some plain white ones!

Miss Fong Suede Diaper Bag

There are 1.5 million diaper bags out there and so many people recommended different ones. When it came down to it, I chose this one and I'm SO glad that I did. It's very roomy, has insulated pockets, and comes with a changing pad as well. It also has stroller hooks which I really like and use all the time!

Jeep Patriot Stroller

We have loved this stroller! We were looking for something that would do well in a lot of different variations of terrain. We are outside a LOT and we live on land, so we needed something that would do well with this. It compares to the BOB without the hefty price. We have LOVED it!

Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat

We did a lot of research on carseats to make sure we found one that had great reviews and would keep our little guy safe if in an accident. This one had incredible reviews and we have really liked it so far!

Munchkin UV Sterilizer

This is not a necessity, BUT super helpful to throw in your diaper bag if you're every out and about and drop a paci and want to sterilize it before giving it back to your babe.

Baby Outdoor Tent

This little tent is awesome if you love the outdoors like we do! We are outside 90% of the time and so having something that can block the sun AND bugs is a win-win for us! We love this little tent and it's easy to carry in the little bag it comes in.

Evenflow Bottles

This is a big one-- if you are breast AND bottle feeding, these bottles are the ones to have. We have tried multiple different bottles and these resemble the breast the best. I primarily breast feed, but also pump every now and then so Alex can help feed as well! We love these.

Baby Bath Support

We LOVE bath time around here! D loves baths and this little supporter is GREAT for the tub! They have three different colors to choose from as well. This is a must have IMO!

Bath Thermometer

We really like this thermometer and it helps with knowing exactly how warm the water is! The temperature should be around 98-99 degrees for their bath.

Baby Swing/Rocker

This swing has been AMAZING. Depending on if we need to set D down for a bit, or if he takes a little nap in his swing while we are working. It rocks side to side AND front to back if you twist it. It has multiple sounds and also vibrates. We love it!

Blackout Curtains These are ESSENTIAL in my opinion! It's great for sleep training. We looked at so many different options (a lot of really expensive options) we ended up getting these and we were NOT disappointed. They work great! His room gets so dark. It's amazing!


This is one of the most asked for things in our nursery. We loved the simplicity of this crib. It also turns into a toddler bed after you are ready for it. We love it!

Aden + Anais Swaddles

These are by far my favorite lightweight blankets! They work great when it's warmer outside but you still need a little bit of cover. They are also so soft and so cute. We love these! The color we have is Pebble Shibori.

I hope this helps as you begin to look for all the things for your sweet little babes! Also remember the most important thing they need is YOU. If you have any questions on any of these products OR if you have questions for a different product that I don't have listed, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will help you out!


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