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So you're getting married....

Your wedding day will be one of the most cherished memories of your entire life. It will be full of family, laughter, pampering, laughs, dancing, and so much more.


The thing is, all of these things are true, all of the above will most likely happen. However, the one thing that is the most important out of them all? Your marriage. Your covenant. Promising yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives, to love and honor each other and to take care of one another.


Alex and I feel so honored at every wedding we are at. We capture all the sweet moments and all the big ones. We capture grandma and grandpa cutting a rug & your Uncle Joe eating his third piece of cake. It's all so important and that's why we want to capture it all for you! We also REALLY want to be your friends as well!


We always say that your photographer will be your shadow during the day, so we always want to make sure you feel comfortable and excited to have someone there with you!

We know that photography is an investment. We know it takes a lot of thought! However, so many times over and over we hear (not just because we are photographers) that photography is one of the most important parts of a couples' day! We agree! Wholeheartedly. These photos will be ones your treasure forever, show to your kids, and your grandkids! Having a photographer will never be a bad decision.


All packages include and engagement shoot and two shooters for the entirety of your day!

Packages start at $3,800

Please inquire for a detailed brochure of everything included in each package.


All packages include:

Two planning meetings + coffee on us!

Two shooters your entire day.

All packages come with engagement session.


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